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Delicious options for every taste: dine local in Westby!
Westby Chamber of Commerce
beanies diner

A retro themed diner bringing you the nostalgic flavors of years past. Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or come just to satisfy your sweet tooth.

203 W. Old Town Rd. 

Westby, WI 54667


Borgen's Cafe

"Gather at our Table" for great family friendly atmosphere, with breakfast and lunch entrees for young and old alike. Salads with locally sourced seasonal produce, complete with homemade soups. And of course, Don't Forget the Pie!

203 W. Old Town Rd. Westby, WI 54667


Daily Brew

The mission behind Daily Brew Co. is to help make the community a better place, provide a fun work environment for employees, and to find ways to continue to give back. We look forward to serving you delicious drinks, tasty food, and a good time.

100 Washington Street
Westby, WI 54667



We believe food and drink have an absolutely stunning ability to bring people together, create community and an understanding of and kinship for our fellow humans.  We believe we are all part of the same fabric that may stretch and grow, occasionally need patching, but ultimately shares the same thread.

105 W State Street

Westby, WI 54667


old towne inn

A traditional Wisconsin Supper Club.  Something amazing is waiting for you.  Come join us for a great dining experience!  

  • Subway -- 208 S Main St, Westby, WI 54667 -- 608-634-2255

  • Westby Rod & Gun Club -- 215 S Main St, Westby, WI 54667 -- 608-634-4314

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