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Road Construction Updates


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and prime contractor Zignego Company are in the process of a reconstruction project, involving US Highway 14, in the city of Westby.

North Main Street (US 14) between High Echo Lane and Locust Street is planned to be reconstructed.

The approximately 1.6-mile project will replace the pavement structure, improve intersections, improve pedestrian accommodations, permit driveway and access connections, replace the storm sewer system, and update the street lighting.

The North Main Street and Main Street intersection (US 14-US 61-WIS 27) will be reconfigured into a roundabout as part of this project as well.


MAY 16

I hope you are all preparing to enjoy Syttende Mai this weekend.  Work is progressing on the project, as I am sure you have noticed.  Currently, old concrete pavement and storm sewer are being removed.  New storm sewer is being installed.  There will be some impacts to traffic at the Coon Prairie and Black River intersections next week while we complete storm sewer crossings prior to beginning the detour.  At some point next week, there may also be a water service interruption on the south end of the project.  If your property will be impacted, you will receive a 48 hr notice prior to the service being temporarily shut off.


We are continuing to monitor the existing pavement on the traffic shift and will be patching these areas, as needed.  The detour for the NB/WB traffic is still anticipated to be implemented after Memorial Day.  Pavement markings will be installed on the detour route for one way traffic.  A map is attached for your reference. 


Again, once the detour is implemented, there will be no street parking on the detour or on USH 14.  The streets need to be clear for the contractor to stage materials, equipment and work safely and efficiently.


We appreciate your understanding during all these traffic adjustments and staging changes. 


MAY 9th

We have finally pushed into the start of Stage 2 on the project.  Yesterday traffic was shifted onto the temporary widening areas for work to begin on the East side of USH 14 and along the South side of STH 27.  This will take a little time to get used to.  Please continue to drive slowly and watch for other vehicles, pedestrians, and construction workers.


During the next few weeks, existing pavement will be removed, storm sewer and other utilities will be installed from the south end of the project to Coon Prairie and from Black River to STH 27.  New road base material will be placed, along with geogrid to better stabilize the road. The asphalt overlay that is going to be placed on the detour route will now be happening after the detour is complete.  The intent is to provide a quality product back to the City after increasing the roadway usage during construction.  We ask that you do not park within the construction zones.  Heavy equipment will be moving throughout the closures and materials will be stored in these areas.  There will not be adequate space to accommodate parked vehicles and construction traffic.  There may be certain times when access to the properties along the work zone will be limited but should be restored by the end of each working day.  Work may also begin on the old portion of STH 27 later in the week.


If you have received a mailbox removal notice, please contact the Postal Service to determine where to best place your mailbox for the time being.  Mailbox relocations are the responsibility of the resident/homeowner.  More of these notices may be delivered as we move into the downtown work in a few weeks.


Sometime after Memorial Day, the detour of NB traffic will be implemented, and work will begin in the downtown area.  At that time, no parking will be available on the detour route or USH 14, and sidewalks will need to be cleared for removals.  Future updates will provide estimated timelines and locations for work, we just want to remind everyone that these restrictions are coming.  Sidewalk will be always maintained on one side of the street through downtown, except for minor impacts necessary to complete removals and reinstall access.  Designated crossings will be clearly marked for access to businesses and residences on the opposite side of Main St during this time.


Work will be halted around noon on Friday, May 17th for Syttende Mai.  Enjoy your weekend and thank you for your patience while we progress!



Yesterday, crews began paving the temporary widening on the north end of the project.  Driveways in these areas will be temporarily replaced with asphalt pavement during this phase.  Once all widening areas have been paved, traffic will be shifted to the west onto the new pavement for work to begin on the east side of USH 14, except for the downtown area.  There may be minor flagging delays during this stage for storm sewer installations and we appreciate your patience during these times.  Work will also continue at the STH 27 intersection.  Construction will begin on the first stages of the roundabout and new frontage road.  There may also be intermittent delays in those areas as work progresses.  Bidirectional traffic will be maintained on USH 14 during this stage.

WisDOT and project staff have evaluated the detour plan and determined that it will now be overlaid after the utilization of the detour is complete.  During the detour, traffic will still run one way in the center of the road and no parking will be allowed along either side of the route.  This is anticipated to be implemented after Memorial Day.  The overlay of Coon Prairie and Bekkedhal will now happen sometime after August 30, 2024.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.



Rain has slowed the removal and grading efforts on the West side of USH 14 down a bit this past week and that work will continue for the next few days.  We are hopeful that those areas will be ready for asphalt pavement sometime next week, weather dependant.  Once the widening is completed, traffic will be shifted onto the new temporary widening and work will begin on the east side of USH 14.  With this new traffic configuration, bidirectional traffic will still be maintained along USH 14 until after Memorial Day.

Also, if things progress as planned, Coon Prairie Ave and Bekkedal will be milled and paved to prepare for the implementation of the detour after Memorial Day.  Milling and paving operations will be happening under traffic with flagging operations, so please be patient and watch for workers and oncoming traffic.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to move forward with the project.

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